''For a Better Future for Students of the Next Generation''

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  • The aims of the project:

    1. To change views of teaching towards an open and innovative entrepreneurial education. 2. Developing knowledge through observing and working practically. 3. Raising young people's awareness of the environment. 4. Work connected with waste management in different European cities. 5. Doing research work by the students. 6. Engaging local authorities in the project. 7. Students will start their own companies in cooperation with real businesses/ entrepreneurs, in which they will try to make and market their own art/products made of recyclable materials.

  • The student's part in the project:

    1. International exchange among groups of students. 2. Meetings with local entrepreneurs and authorities. 3. Visiting local recycling companies. 4. Using waste during art classes. 5. School's presentation. 6. Making presentations, films, interviews. 7. Taking part in international workshops connected with research work results.

  • The value of taking part in the project:

    1. Working in international group. 2. Taking part in international workshops. 3. Improving language skills. 4. Improving intercultural competencies. 5. Interacting in an international environment.


Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices

Implementation of the project:

September 2016 - September 2018

Project partners:

Klippan Gymnasieskolor/Tegelbruksskolan

Madonas Valsts gimnazija

Collegio Rotondi Scuole Paritarie

IES Campanillas

Zespół Szkół Technicznych i Placówek im. St. Staszica

Stichting Unicoz onderwijsgroep

Project coordinator:

Ingela Jönsson (Sweden)

The national coordinator:

Henry van der Vegt (Holand)

Aija Smeisa (Latvia)

Maria Giovanna Colombo (Netherlands)

Francisco Gaviero Galisteo (Spain)

Joanna Wagner-Podlipni (Poland)

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